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Hi, my name is Anastacio Rodriguez, and I have been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2010. I was introduced to Massage Therapy when I competed in Cross Country, and Track & Field when I was in High School. I was having hip and knee pain, and my father took me to go see the Massage Therapist that worked at his Chiropractor’s office. That massage helped get rid of my hip and knee pain, and I had one of my best races the following day.¬†Ever since then, I was hooked to getting massages, and was interested in learning how to do them myself.

Because of my athletic background, I really enjoy performing the more therapeutic styles of massage, such as: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Active Release, and Trigger Point Therapy. I can also do a calming relaxation massage to help manage stress.

I believe in treating with intention, listening to your body and encourage it to heal itself. I will begin each treatment with an assessment, which enables me to understand what you body’s current problems are and what may be causing your symptoms.

My goal in my massage practice is to address problems ranging from chronic pain to specific injuries.

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