Mistakes People Make When Searching for a Massage Therapist

  1. Price Shopping, or looking for the cheapest massage – This strategy can be friendly to your wallet, however when you are searching for the Massage Therapist with the lowest price, you are also usually getting a Massage Therapist with less experience, and not as much expertise. You might be seeing a Massage Therapist that doesn’t have the experience and skill set to address whatever issue you might be dealing with.
  2. Think Spa’s are the only place to get a massage – You can find plenty of Massage Therapists at a Spa, however, most Spa’s require their Massage Therapist to follow a specific routine. So if you go in wanting to get focused work done on an area that’s in pain, what you’ll usually get is a generic full body massage with no extra attention to the specific areas that might bother you. Instead of only looking at Spa’s, you can do a Yelp or a Google search to find a Massage Therapist who has their own Private Practice. Most Massage Therapists who work for themselves, have also taken many hours of training to become more knowledgable in working with specific issues.
  3. Stopping the search for the “right” Massage Therapist too early – Searching for a Massage Therapist is like searching for Barber/Hair Stylist, or an Esthetician. Sure, they can do the job, but sometimes you might not leave completely happy with your experience. You should really take the time to find that person that is the right fit for you. Once you find that fit, you can enjoy your sessions with the certainty that you will be leaving satisfied.